Thursday, March 5, 2009

Martin's Links

Thanks to Jonathan Carroll for mentioning this article on his blog. The article is interesting -and why nobody is setting up speed reading events locally is beyond me (see my post from 2-21)-but the best part is the chat at the bottom of the article with a lot of debate over which books your date might be reading that would send you running for the exit. There seems to be more than a bit of controversy surrounding Jane Austen.


BeachILike said...

I just like this photo! It is kindda cute

Kepler's said...

Thanks, it IS cute, isn't it?

Dawn Kepler said...

What a fun article! Speed reading events... interesting. Judged by ONE book alone? Difficult. I just read: Jeeves in the Offing, In the Company of Cheerful Ladies and a brief biography of Maimonides. Next is Polio: An American Story. I need a book title version of a reader of tea leaves.