Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Death of Bunny Munro "Pin the Tale on the Bunny" Contest

Bunny is in love with his wife, women and the girl at the local MacDonald’s. But as his addiction becomes and infliction of self spiritual mutilation the carefree life of a beauty crème salesman soon becomes a daily reminder of what he has sacrificed. The love of a family. And as he smokes and drinks himself into oblivion he realizes that the only stability he has is through the eyes of his son Bunny Jr. The trailer is based on the book "The Death of Bunny Munro" by icon Nick Cave.

Win a signed copy of Nick Cave’s new book The Death Of Bunny Munro when you leave a short comment about either the book or film.

Tell us in a few words or less;

Why you love to love the unlovable Bunny Munro?

Do you have a Bunny Story?


vanaals said...

A Bunny Story
Although my mother's name was Margery. Everyone called her Bunny. (hand to God the truth)

dalia said...

A Tragic Bunny Story -
When I was about 10 years old my father and I found my grandmother when she tried to commit suicide. Fortunately we were able to save her.

Ruth Turner said...

There is nothing to love. Bunny is a bully.
He camouflages cowardice and uses people to distract him from what he fears the most: a cosmic reckoning for the pain his insecurity has produced. He pulls wings off of butterflies and spits in the face of life. You meet these people…they have no redemption. XX Ruth

Ruth Turner said...

Hello and if you feel so inclined as to send me an autographed copy of Nick Cave's book Bunny Munro, I will graciously accept and send my gratitude.

Ruth Turner
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