Thursday, October 22, 2009

Author MJ Ryan arrives at Kepler's on crutches

MJ Ryan arrived at Kepler's on crutches, the result of a change she didn't ask for. She had a growth removed from her foot which, luckily, turned out to be benign. MJ is a long-time coach and change expert and the audience was privileged to get what I called "an hour-long free coaching session." She is a relaxed, confident, and interesting speaker, holding the audience's attention throughout her talk and generating productive interaction with her listener's along the way.

MJ talked a little bit about her background and then discussed some of the concepts in her book regarding change including going into some depth about the four "Actions of a Change Master:" Step 1: Accept the Change, Step 2: Expand Your Options, Step 3: Take Action, and Step 4: Strengthen Adaptability. The book is full of inspirational and practical steps for managing change and MJ was able to easily relate some of these to the audience as she fleshed out the four steps above. She also discussed the first part of her book that gives a comprehensive background to change processes called "Seven Truths About Change."

Personally, I very much enjoyed the book and found it easy and very helpful reading. After meeting the author, I could immediately see that her personality is reflected in the book. She is friendly, low-key, and very knowledgeable about change processes and the behavior of people undergoing change. Several people in the audience told me how much they enjoyed seeing and hearing MJ Ryan at Kepler's.

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