Thursday, October 1, 2009

Victoria Zackheim (ed.) - The Face in the Mirror

Bobbi Emel reports on the Sept. 30, 2009 event celebrating The Face in the Mirror: Writers Reflect on Their Dreams of Youth and the Reality of Age.

As always, friend of Kepler's Victoria Zackheim has brought together a stellar group of contributors for this newest anthology which explores the person each author had expected to become or perhaps desperately had wanted to be, and the person s/he is today. For the reading, authors Michael Bader, Margot Duxler, Aviva Layton, and Leon Whiteson came to Kepler's to share their stories. The small audience was kept at rapt attention by the candid sharings of each author which were sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, and sometimes endearing.

The Face in the Mirror is cathartic and satisfying reading for all of us approaching or in the second half of life.