Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello loyal Kepler’s fans!

I wanted to briefly introduce myself to the indie book blogosphere. My name is Laura and I am very excited to be Kepler’s new Blog Girl (blogmaster is the standard title, I believe, but that just seems way too formal and a little authoritative).

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I started at Kepler’s in June of 2009 upon graduating from Brandeis University (Go Judges!) with a BA in History and Film. In addition to keeping the blog full of fun Kepler’s ramblings and happenings, I am a shift leader at the store, spending way too much of my paycheck on books (the rest on coffee at Café Borrone).

In addition to reading, I have spent the last year back reintroducing myself to all the wonderful museums, restaurants, and shops the Bay Area has to offer. I am quickly forgetting why I ever left the state. I believe that this blog can be a great forum for Kepler’s staff to interact with and inform our fans of all the wonderful things going on at our store.

I hope you enjoy our renewed attention to the blog and please accept my apology for my playful, sassy, and occasionally snarky (yet always charming?) tone.


Blog Girl