Thursday, July 8, 2010


Mike C. wrote an awesome review of Don Winslow's latest, Savages, and its no surprise that the New York Times followed suit and wrote one of their own.
Kepler's veteran Mike writes: Today we’re in SoCal, and the smell of dope is in the air. Ben and Chon, two big-time marijuana dealers who specialize in creating different strains of primo bud, find themselves being pressured by the much larger Baja Cartel to become subservient “partners.” Ben and Chon would rather not, but when their mutual girlfriend, the lovely and highly sexually-charged O (short for Ophelia) is kidnapped in order to “persuade” them, things change.

Much makes this book fiercely good. The situation is urgent, unfolding unpredictably, dangerously. Events are immediate, set in the now of our of our political and cultural landscape down to the TV shows on the airwaves. The characters pulse with raw credibility. And to hear the narrator in this book, with his crackup take on So Cal, is to hear someone reveal confidences he’s not told before. As his speech, pauses, corrections and tangents drive you through events, it’s hard not to be snatched by the story yourself. You’ve got to listen. Oliver Stone did. He bought the rights to the film.
The book is available July 17, but feel free to preorder it in store OR at (open 24/7).
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