Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carl Hiaasen at Kepler's!

This past Sunday, the hilarious New York Times bestselling author Carl Hiaasen entertained our customers with a reading from his newest mystery, Star Island and signing books for his loyal fans.

Our Youth Events Coordinator Angela raves about Star Island:

If all that ostensibly sets two girls apart is their eye color, how does an obsessed photographer know he has kidnapped the right pop star, especially if that pop star is often seen in sunglasses? That’s the dilemma in which Bang Abbott finds himself in Star Island, Carl Hiaasen’s latest hilarious romp through the underbelly of Florida. And how should that pop star’s “people” then rescue the unfortunate double when the rest of the world, and the pop star herself, don’t even know she exists? Revealing the secret will cause even more trouble in the life of the downward-spiraling star and ruin her hopes of a comeback tour.

Add to this a corrupt property magnate, a disturbed and criminally inclined bodyguard, and the very unusual former governor of Florida, “Skink,” and you get a hilarious peek into the world of stardom, the music business, and the paparazzi that only Carl Hiaasen can deliver.

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