Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book of the Week: Mr. Fox

Helen Oyeyemi's new novel comes out today in the US. Mr. Fox is one of my two favorite new novels of the year (the other one is The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson), so I'm delighted that it will soon be on bookshelves everywhere. Go forth!

Get the book HERE.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Helen for Fantasy Matters. We talked about Mr. Fox, fairytales, and her current art pleasures. And, in case you need further persuasion to take a look at this fantastic novel on its American birthday, here's my review that will be appearing on our October list of staff picks:

This is the story of a love triangle between Mr. Fox, a famous author, his wife Daphne, and Mary Foxe, a woman who is both his muse and a figment of his imagination. It is, in fact, several stories, each managing to be vivid and odd, as well as charming and brutal in turns. Mr. Fox and Mary Foxe find themselves transformed into different roles, playing out the magic of fairytales, the shock of violence, and the difficulties of falling in love.

This novel is written with precision, wit, and a warmth that illuminates, but doesn’t obscure. It is an intricate and beautiful set of Chinese boxes. I found myself eager to dive from one to another, and astonishingly sad when I reached the end.
--Megan K.

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Micaella Lopez said...

I devoutly hope that Helen Oyeyemi's desire to write lasts a lifetime, and that she lets us share in what life gives her to write about.

I can't imagine any reader who won't be delighted by this book. Very highly recommended.
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