Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post-Turkey SALE!

(photo credit: Bowena/Creative Commons license)
After you've supped and celebrated, make sure to stop by Kepler's to take advantage of our Thanksgiving weekend sale. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Kepler's members receive 20% off books and gifts at the store.

Wait! you might say. I'm not a member yet. How shall I celebrate my long weekend and surfeit of reading time?

Never fear, brave reader. If you stop by the store this weekend, you can sign up for a FREE trial membership that will be good through January 31st, 2012. You get all the benefits of membership (enumerated here... hello, free events!), the 20% off discount this weekend, AND an invitation to our member's only shopping party on December 4th (the best part of this party is not, as you might expect, the music, cookies, and's having our whole, brilliant staff of book lovers on hand to help you with your holiday lists).

ALSO! COMING SOON... Our favorite books of the year and the titles we're lusting after for our own wish lists.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Em Gee. At first I thought the girl in this pic was eating something with a feather still attached to it.
Note to self: Make eye doctor appointment.