Monday, December 12, 2011

The Love List #4: Frank Sanchez

Frank Sanchez is the head buyer at Kepler's. This means that he has impeccable taste, and any time he anoints a title with his approval, we all take note. Frank's chosen titles are often more shadowy, slightly offbeat books with a sharp taste for both aesthetics and a hint (or a glut) of grittiness. You may have seen his reviews posted around the store. They tend to resemble poems, and are both intriguing and inexplicable enough to lure you into  at least picking up the book they refer to. One of my favorites is the one he wrote about Nick Cave's The Death of Bunny Munro.

This is Frank.

[Frank has, in typical Frank fashion, given us a few lovely and spare words about the books he chose. Both titles are gorgeous, coffee-table-worthy, books about Francesca Woodman, the photographer whose stunning, haunting, and unsettling work is being exhibited at the SFMOMA through February 20th. I highly recommend the exhibit, and will say that if you do spoil yourself or someone else with these books, they should be thumbed through and examined and minutely appreciated, and not actually left shut on the coffee table for very long.]

we forgive as we forget

as the day is long

rain from heaven

Francesca Woodman
by: Corey Keller, Francesca Woodman, Jennifer Blessing

Francesca Woodman's Notebook
by: Francesca Woodman, George Woodman

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