Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gladys Stone and Fred Whelan: Goal! Your 30-Day Game Plan for Business and Career Success

Kepler's was pleased to host Gladys Stone and Fred Whelan on July 15, 2009. Host Bobbi Emel reports:

A small but appreciative audience came to hear local first-time authors Gladys Stone and Fred Whelan discuss their book, Goal! Your 30-Day Game Plan for Business and Career Success. Stone and Whelan are San Francisco-based executive coaches and recruiters. Goal! leads the reader through some exercises to determine what goal is to be achieved and then lays out a 30-day plan with activities and affirmations that help the reader achieve the goal within that time frame.

Stone and Whelan had a sharp and information-packed talk prepared which they delivered smoothly, taking turns discussing the book, their own experiences as coaches, and tips for achieving goals. The audience had some great questions about achieving goals and were particularly interested in how to decide which goal to pursue. A few members of the audience, knowing that Stone and Whelan also provide something they term the 60-Second Resume Repair, brought their resumes in to have repaired on the spot.

Overall, a nice authorial debut for a pair of local writers.