Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tequuila: A Guide to Types,Flights, Cocktails and Bits Recipe Review

"Anyone want a shot?" Tequila: A guide to types, flights, cocktails and bites. A new book by bay area celebrity Joanne Weir features more then 35 of her own cocktail creations along with "20 tequila-infused sides, mains and desserts,” A must have for anyone who appreciates the potion of the Blue Agave. And let me just say not only do I, but I'm TOTALLY PHYSCED to try out one of those recipes. So I'm going shopping to gather the ingredients for something that sounds tasty and my wife is able to eat. She is allergic to just about everything good, like cheese, vinegar based products and mushrooms." that being said I have to find something that we'll both enjoy and leaves us satisfied not her looking like a blueberry with bad acne. Fumbling through the pages, searching for something that leaps out and grabs my eyeballs, I come across Market Steak Verde.....Does it have cheese? Nope, does it have product based vinegar (maybe Tabasco sauce) well I just won't add it to her serving. And lastly does it have mushrooms? A big NOPE, WE ARE ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. Everything went relatively easy on my shopping adventure except that I had a hard time finding the tomatillos (green tomatoes). Oddly enough they aren’t easily recognizable amongst the rest of the tomatoes family and are camouflaged with green leafy husks. Why are they not with the other tomatoes? Maybe, because the other tomatoes would be green with envy...ok terrible joke, I think it’s because, although it's part of the tomato family, at least I think they are? The tomatillos are a bit smaller and tough, not soft and gooey. Ok that being said I was off to indulge on my culinary adventure. When I arrived to my place of habitat, the first thing that comes out of my wife’s lips is "did you put the trashcans out into the street? And don't say you’ll do it in the morning. You always forget." Man......did she forget that in these bags of groceries was something so delightful that we'd be talking about it even during our Sunday night movie rental? I said yea yea and went straight to the kitchen. Joanne Weir has a wonderful, easy to understand recipe dialogue, even for a football watching, videogame playing fella like me. Every ingredient, direction and flow of the process is so easy, even a cave man can do it. (Ok sorry just had to say it) But honestly, after the process and the birth of MARKET STEAK VERDE blossomed onto our plate and every ingredient licked cleaned I concluded. A+ Miss Weir that was damn good. Let me also say that the culinary experience had that certain something that tantalizes the taste buds was it, dare I say...the tequila? Yea I think it was. If you have time and want to actually experience the cuisine of Joanne Weir mark your calendar for Aug. 13th. She will be at the Reposado Restaurant on 236 Hamilton Ave in Palo Alto, CA. Tickets are available at Kepler's or by calling 650-324-4321. Single ticket: $88 Couples ticket: $155 Ticket includes four-course meal, glass of wine, tax, tip, and a signed copy of the book. Come on what else are you going to do and besides that’s what TiVo is for.... come join the fun!

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John Ray Gutierrez is a beat blogger for Book flip. He is the winner of The Fundatia Alviqute Award of Romania for Best Screenplay, Don’t Drink The Water, nominated for BACE (Bay Area Cable Excellence Award) The GenX Show for Best Entertainment Series and a finalist for Best Screenplay The Lucid Dream Of Eric Butterworth at the Beverly Hills International Film festival 2009. He is currently directing a Trailer for Nick Cave’s new book The Death of Bunny Munro. And just finished his second screenplay Flan.


Penelope said...

I'm so glad the steak with salsa verde worked out!

Kepler's said...

I think it did or maybe it was the Tequila talking. Naw jk it was honestly really tasty!