Friday, January 8, 2010

Andre Agassi's Open: Autobiography

Meeting Andre Agassi was truly a pleasure. He is genuine, sincere and a kind hearted individual. I enjoyed his book thoroughly and it was such a treat to do this piece for him. In this book trailer you will get a little insight on what the book is about and some inspirational words from him. Please note that all quotes used in the book trailer came directly from the book. Enjoy!
About the blogger

John Ray Gutierrez is a beat blogger for Book flip. He is the winner of The Fundatia Alviqute Award of Romania for Best Screenplay, Don’t Drink The Water, nominated for BACE (Bay Area Cable Excellence Award) The GenX Show for Best Entertainment Series and a finalist for Best Screenplay The Lucid Dream Of Eric Butterworth at the Beverly Hills International Film festival 2009. He is currently directing book trailers for Kepler's Films.


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