Saturday, January 16, 2010

SEA by Heidi R. Kling: Due Out This Spring.


By Heidi R. Kling

Sienna lost her mother to the sea. She has not entered the ocean since--not to swim, and certainly not to surf with her lifelong friend Spider whom she has shut off from her pain, her thoughts and her heart. Now her father is pressuring her to join him on a relief mission to Indonesia to assist Tsunami victims. She lands in the heat Yogyarta like a sickened castaway, afraid of everything.

And then Deni happens. Attraction sweeps over her like a wave and whenever he walks away he takes her thoughts with him like the strongest undertow. Who is this guy whose slightest touch warms her, whose gaze she seeks out amidst the sea of unknown faces? She knows nothing about him, and yet, she knows everything. He has lost to the sea. He grieves. Only through leading others out of their nightmares can he bear his own. Sienna too discovers that as she meets orphans whose lives have been devastated by the sea and helps them with their post-traumatic stress disorder, she can master her own night terrors and isolating feelings. Together Sienna and Deni work amidst the squalor, the terrifying thunderstorms and flooding rains, and embolden each other to risk more and more to be together in a land where young women and men must never be caught alone.

What limits are there to what people who have lost everything are willing to risk to heal the one they love?

Heidi Kling’s latest novel takes us on a journey to an unfamiliar geography, but where we all recognize the emotional vocabulary of loss and grief, of attraction and love. And we long to speak the language.

Vivian Leal

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